Emerson has two current openings for the 2014-2015 school year. One is in the 3-year-old Tuesday/Thursday class. The other is in the 4-year-old Monday/Wednesday/Friday class. Please call the school for more information.
The 2015 Emerson Trail Race fundraiser will be on May 2nd!

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The Ralph Waldo Emerson School for Preschoolers . . .

a nondenominational, nonprofit organization founded in 1966, offer
s morning and afternoon programs for three, four and five-year-old children. Emerson School is accredited by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs.

Emerson's classrooms and woodland playground create a beautiful space that is rich in potential. Our curriculum is shared and created by both teachers and children working together. We believe that children learn best through what they do best - through their play.

Our teachers closely observe children's play and then offer further opportunities for children to reflect on and revisit their experiences.

Emerson School's uniqueness results from relationships between families, teachers, and a parent volunteer Board of Directors. These partnerships have been the essence of Emerson for over 40 years and the key to our continued success. 

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