Ralph Waldo Emerson
School for Preschoolers
274 Pleasant Street
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 224-8218

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3     Parent Orientation

5     Children's Open House - T-TH class

6     Children's Open House - MWF classes

9   First Day - 1st ten MWF AM students alphabetically

9   First Day -  All MWF PM students attend

10   First Day - 1st ten T-TH students alphabetically

11   First Day - 2nd ten MWF AM students alphabetically

12   Family Picnic  6:00 PM

12   First Day - 2nd ten T-TH students alphabetically

13   All MWF students attend

16   6:30 PM Board Meeting

17   All T-TH students Attend



11& 14   NO SCHOOL - Columbus Day Weekend

7 & 8  School Pictures (Rain Date 9 & 10)

10     Classroom Helper Orientation

21     6:30 Board Meeting

17 & 22  Parent Teacher Conferences T/TH Class


11       NO SCHOOL - Veteran's Day

6, 8 & 13 Parent Teacher Conferences MWF Class

25    6:30 Board Meeting

27-29 NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Break



6  Emerson School Closed-Professional Day

17    Celebration of Fall Learning for T/Th Class

18    Celebration of Fall Learning for MWF Class

12/19 -1/1 NO SCHOOL - Holiday Break


TBA    6:00 PM Join us for Dinner with the Board.  Board Meeting follows at 7:00

20     NO SCHOOL - Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday


10   6:30 PM Board Meeting

11 & 20  Parent Teacher Conferences T-TH

24-3/1 NO SCHOOL - Winter Break


6, 11 & 16 Parent Teacher Conferences MWF

16      6:30 PM Board Meeting


13      6:30 PM Board Meeting

16       Special Person Night

4/27-5/1   NO SCHOOL - Spring Break


18      6:30 PM Final Board Meeting

21      Last Day of School Picnic T-TH

22      Last Day of School Picnic MWF

 Emerson adheres to CONCORD SCHOOL DISTRICT'S decisions for cancellations due to poor weather conditions.
  * Emerson does not hold morning or afternoon class when Concord public schools are closed.
  * When Concord delays the start of their day Emerson's morning classes are canceled for the day but the afternoon class meets as usual.
  * When Concord dismisses school early Emerson's afternoon class is cancelled. 
  * When Emerson cancels the afternoon class we will announce it on our answering machine message by 11:00 am and/or attempt to reach families by phone. 

Concord's School District Closings are announced on WMUR- Channel 9 and many local radio stations. Parents will be informed in writing of any Emerson School closings that are out of the ordinary.

Snow or emergency days WILL NOT be made up at the end of the school year.
*TBA - Both in Fall and Spring, school will be closed for one day for a Staff Development.

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